Location: Central Adrila
Typical for the province: Grain, similar to Highton.

The Adleys, as they call themselves, are a historically suppressed people. For centuries, Highton ruled them, collecting high taxes and leaving the province in a state of poverty. While many rebellions were begun, they were crushed just as quickly, until the Adleys resigned to their fate. When Arrendal conquered the province, they simply thought they changed one tyrant for another, but Arrendal, after claiming Highton, instead gave the Adleys their own province, and their own governor. Surprised as they were, they soon discovered that their new lives in (relative) freedom was a nice way to live, and they are grateful to Arrendal, governed by the just General Varrin. Some whisper that they should do more, be their own nation, but this is generally regarded as blatant folly. Would such a conspiracy succeed, however, it could have dire consequences for Adrila...