List of Inactive RP SettingsEdit

For one reason or another, these settings have been closed and made inactive, either temporarily or permanently...

Kimyona & Tanoshii SeikatsuEdit

Weird & Fun Life. (奇妙な & 楽しい生活) Follow the seemingly ordinary school lives of the Miyazawa siblings, Yuno and Jirou. Yuno likes to constantly tease and look after her brother, much to Jirou's dismay.

Girls Und Panzer: Alt WorldEdit

Toumizu High School has just started practicing the popular sport of Sensha-do! How will the school girls of this quaint town fare as they prepare to overcome bigger obstacles?

The Arcana TrialsEdit

When the world faces certain doom, entities summoned through the system of the Major Arcana are aligned with mortal partners to decide the fate of the world in an all-out deathmatch!

Finished RP SettingsEdit

Here are the RPs that have been officially completed.

Puella Magi Miho MagicaEdit

Four years after an alternate, dead time-line in Madoka Magica, Miho Yamamura is an average girl in her mid-teens who likes photography. One day, she is rescued from a Witch that attacked her, by a beautiful veteran Puella Magi called Hizuki Sukitsu. Despite Hizuki's advice against it, Miho then became a Puella Magi herself and then had the cruel truth of Puella Magi and Witches told to her by Hizuki, much to her dismay. Follow the adventures of Miho, Hizuki and other girls they encounter as they not only battle to keep the place safe from Witches, but also battle to keep their minds and souls safe from insanity...