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Arrendal is as much a warrior and general as he is a fair and strong ruler. He cares for his people, and does his best to keep their lives as peaceful as possible, even for the Old World. He has ruled with dignity for the last thirty years, and is known amongst the people for being almost brutally honest.  His children, however, have often gone untended to by him. He was never a great father.


Arrendal's weapon of choice is a mighty spear, one that he wields with a deadly precision and great strength. More on this below.

Magic AffinityEdit

Arrendal's greatest magic talent is his ability to perceive, despite having only one eye. Because of this, he is a master with the spear, and a challenge for any knight in the kingdom. It also shows in more subtle ways.

Traits and flawsEdit

Arrendal is a great king, but his talents are limited to ruling; when it comes to things like comforting a hurt child or looking after something else, he is not the man to go to. As a result, his people see him as a great ruler, but somewhat distant, unlike his late queen Milena.


Arrendal lost his eye when he and his fellow rebels, now his generals, rose up and forced their way into Adrila Castle and seized the kingdom for their own.

Arrendal Bordegrath, King of Adrila
OOC Information
Creator Bjorn
Setting The Other Side
IC Information
Age 65
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation King
Residence Adrila Castle
Height 195 cm