Location: Central Adrila
Typical for the province: Cattle

Corville, Highton's southern neighbour, is a province of farmers. They never have had any standing army, relying only on themselves to amass into large militia bands against invaders, in order to protect their precious cattle. It is the cattle that is their main income source, and every spring, when the winter snows lift, the farmers of Corville lead their cattle into huge herds, almost beginning what seems a massive emigration over the fields of Adrila. Corville city is where this cattle emigration begins, and it is often the place where festivities are arranged. Other provinces have their cattle farms too, of course, but Corville relies only on cattle, and thus provide for others, while being provided for in turn. Their people aren't the most educated (They're ruled by the three farmers with the most cattle), but they are friendly, and if they are asked for military assistance, they will provide their best. This usually means they'll send their grown-up sons, equipped in old trophies from past battles, so-called "family treasures", and thus it is more common to send word for the Adrilan soldiers instead.