Location: Northeastern Adrila
Typical for the province: Iron, coal, whatever else you can dig out of the ground

The Deephill province, like the Oldgate province, are masterful builders, but unlike the Oldgate masons, the Deephill miners dig their way deep into the earth. They often work alongside their mason neighbours, mining out the stone the masons need to dig. They, like their neighbours, need supplies from other regions of Adrila, and are quite demanding about it as well. Their city looks like a hole in the ground, but underneath, it is actually a marvel to behold; inverted towers, hanging from the ceiling, connected by bridges on many different levels, all held together by magic. In the middle, at the deepest bottom of the largest tower, sits the high seat of their lord, the former Deep-King, now regional governor. When Arrendal's forces appeared on the surface, he went outside, said he wished to speak with their leader. When Arrendal came forth, the Deep-King simply said that if Arrendal's men wouldn't trample around on the surface, then the Deephill men would help him whenever he needed stone.