Location: Northeastern Adrila
Typical for the province: Tough and skilled swordsmen

Eastbank province, along with Westbank province, are most noted for the longest border conflict in the Old World's history. It was said to have begun when two farmers on each side of the river started arguing about who held the right to fish directly below the farms. As the farms grew, villages emerged, and eventually cities. Few remember the start of the conflict, but it is going on, worse than ever before. Catapults fire their payloads over the river, arrows hail from both sides, walls are broken and rebuilt, and the fight goes on every day. While the province's soldiers are boneheaded, they are strong and tough, and its citizens will value anyone who would lead them against their neighbors in Westbank. How that conflict managed to create two separate countries remain a mystery, but both accept Adrila's rule. In Eastbank, the thirty-first descendant of the farmer holds court as the governor.