Location: Western Adrila
Typical for the region: Trade wares from across the mountains.

Fargate is Adrila's westernmost province, and also the most mountainous. It is well known for its birch forests, a rare sight elsewhere in Adrila. Years ago, Fargate was just a small trading outpost along the Ji'shun Highroad. Over the years, it became a small town, always bustling with trade, often shortening travel times for those crossing the mountains by simply purchasing their wares there instead of heading further east or west. Realizing the importance of the Ji'Shun Highroad, Arrendal decided to move his force all the way to the mountains, making it safe for traders and travellers to use it. His forces quickly surrounded the valley Fargate lies in, and the outpost soon let the Adrilan soldiers into the city. The true battle to overtake the city took place in the governor's hall. A crafty old man, the governor managed to create a most lucrative deal between Fargate and Adrila, so that the province, with a very low tax, still benefits from Adrila's protection. Its citizens, as a result, are quite wealthy, and while this has changed their behaviour a little, they remain open-hearted and welcoming, a trait gained from their long history trading. Its current governor is the daughter of the old governor, no less crafty than her predecessor, but a little more fair-minded.