Location: Southern Adrila
Typical for the province: Skillful siege engineers

Fort Rockden is a curious place. Until twenty years ago, it was the seat of power in a kingdom holding Orbush, today's Fort Rockden, Marshwick and Mor Point. Its queen was a tyrant, but a skillful tyrant. Because of Fort Rockden's natural defenses, being situated inside a huge rend into the rocky landscape and from there going into caves inside, Adrila's men had a hard time conquering the fortress. When they finally had taken it, the queen had escaped into the wilderness. She is presumed dead, slain by the Bear Tribes, and her daughter currently sits as governor of the province. She has some of her mother's tyrannical tendencies, but with the assistance of Adrila's ambassador, she has remained on her people's good side. The people welcomed the changes from tyranny into a regular life, and Fort Rockden remains a strong province, but a largely loyal one.