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Smart-mouthed and witty, Jarris' most common habit is joking about anything coming up. He is quite brash, born from his high rank and close relationship to the king. He is also skilled and cunning as a general, however, with a keen sense for tactics that outperforms Arrendal's. His charm has earned him a good wife in the beautiful Elivenne of Ivellea, and the two have three children together.


Jarris' weapon of choice is his longsword, carefully tended to ever since he took Fort Adley in 1969.

Magic affinityEdit

Jarris' magical skill comes in the form of misleading an enemy's attention to another warrior, as he himself has served as a distraction for many years. It is also his primary strategy as a general.

Traits and flawsEdit

While his tactical skill and charm has been great assets to him in the past, he has a strong distaste for ranged weapons. He will fight in the knight's way and charge forth, even under a hail of arrows.


Jarris used to sell fish in the same village as Arrendal was the blacksmith. The two used to fight often, but when the time came that Arrendal staged his rebellion, Jarris promised his support.

General Vembras Jarris
OOC Information
Creator Bjorn
Setting The Other Side
IC Information
Age 61
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation General of Adrila
Residence Adrila City
Height 184 cm