Location: Southwest Adrila
Typical for the province: Lumber

Greyvale is Adrila's frontier into the wilderness. Southwest of Adrila lies only woods, woods and more woods, inhabited by nearly only wild animals, and the primitive tribes who venerate the ancient Bear God. The Bear God has a hand, or paw, as it were, into Greyvale as well, with its native citizens showing some veneration for him as well, but not the fanatic devotion the tribes show. The natives of Greyvale are rugged and tough, with little time for the softer sides of life. They are governed by two people; the official mayor of Greyvale, a former woodsman who seems more occupied with his people not taking more from the woods than the woods can sustain, and the Adrilan ambassador, whose greatest concern is increasing production. There are also people from other parts of Adrila in Greyvale, many of which seek the wilderness and calm of the forest. These are notably less rugged, but still have had to accommodate to the forest life. These are often slightly questionable in their loyalty, seeking to get as far away from authorities as possible, while the natives simply do not care.