Location: Central Adrila
Typical for the province: Like Whitemeadow, Highton supplies much grain to the rest of the kingdom.

Highton used to be Adrila's strongest opposition. Before Arrendal took power, Highton held Fort Adley, and at several times lay siege to Adrila Castle. When Arrendal revolted, he quickly led his soldiers in an offensive that drove the Hightoners out of Fort Adley. This display of military power quickly led to a shift in balance, and eventually, as Arrendal's men lay claim to kingdom after kingdom surrounding Highton, their king saw no choice but to capitulate. Arrendal himself signed a peace treaty with the Highton king, and soon Highton was under Adrilan rule, governed by their former king. Its citizens, having noticed a considerable decrease in taxes and a more peaceful way of life, has accepted Arrendal and are amongst his more loyal subjects.