Kasabian is one of the children of Arrendal and one of the princes of Adrila.


Kasabian has a two-sided personality. Not to be mistaken for two actual disassociated identities, Kasabian tends to show sides of himself depending how he perceives the current situation he is in. Most commonly he is known to be polite and well-mannered towards anyone he speaks to, even those who speak ill of him right then and there. However, whenever it came to achieving a means to an end, he would get particularly obsessed about doing so. Because of this, he often speaks in a calculative and constructive way which some people may see as an arrogant tone. Regardless of which side he shows, he is often vague about things. Whether this is simply to give more of a mysterious presence or a factor in some convuluted scheme of his is unclear, but it ticks off a fair share of people. Not that he cares. He is also rather greedy when it comes to goals. He's not one to spare the coin so easily and is quick to it should an opportunity for easy payments to arise.


Kasabian follows the path of a Mage, having not developed his own unique magic affinity. Instead, he chose to study about magic and learn certain schools of powers from books and tutors. Because of this, he commandeers are variety of different spells that can acheive different effects towards different ends. His primary abilities are within the school of Alchemy. He is especially proficient in enhancing and breaking down the elemental nature of materials he can get his hands on, and through doing so either create new substances and refine current substances. Because of his time around such things, he gained an innate ability to identify metals and other elements simply through observation (in some cases, a little more investigation is required).

In terms of combat magic, he knows a fair amount of Pyromancy. Initially trained as to supply himself with a suitable source of fire for alchemical experiments, his curiosity has since expanded and he studied more into it. He is not only able to call forth impressive amounts of fire and fire-based attacks but is also able to manipulate it to some extent. While he is no master at it, his capability can sufficiently serve as a self-defense mechanism should the need arise.

The other magic he can use without reagents is within the school of Conjuration. Though, his knowledge in this area is limited. He is able to call forth objects into his very hands should he recall their exact current location and can create temporary gateways over short distances. Outside of this, he can't do much. At the end of the day, most of his magic serves as utility to his studies and experiments.

More on his other abilities later.




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Kasabian Bordegrath of Adrila
OOC Information
Creator Octie
Setting The Other Side - Old World
IC Information
Age 22
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Prince, Alchemist
Residence Roaming (Formerly Adrila Castle)
Height 183cm