List of RP SettingsEdit

The Other SideEdit

In another world, two continents are separated by a impassable sea. One continent is peaceful and well developed, while another has remained in the warring medievals. So it has been for a thousand years, with neither continent able to contact the other. Now, something is changing in the world, and a passage has opened in the sea, allowing contact between the continents. This is a time where many stories will unfold, and anyone might find their place in the world...

Puella Magi Camilla MagicaEdit

In the universe of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, 4 years after the canon storyline, the world is still a bitter battleground for Witches and Puella Magi. The events of Miho Magica have arrived to a close, and now the era of Camilla Magica has officially begun. Camilla and company have successfully succeeded in dispatching the corrupt Church organization and nullify the imminent Walpurgisnight threat. Through shocking revelations and recruitment of new allies, the leader of the Church Alouette is now dead. In the aftermath of the turmoil, Camilla and friends can now rest easy and take a break from the chaos. But how long will this peace last? With Church renegades still on the loose and the ever-malevolent Akuko still running amok, what kind of chaotic events await Camilla in the near future? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, an unexpected expectancy has arrived in Tokyo....

Iranda's QuestEdit

The date is somewhere in 2012. Location, a small town near a city in the USA. There, a group of teenagers meet together, and a new very strange girl joins the class. Just what's up with her? Will they ever find out...?


The world as we knew it takes a sudden turn towards the paranormal as superpowers manifest and genetically altered beasts are unleashed upon the population. Join the characters of this story as they try to adapt to the ever-changing environments and struggle to understand what exactly is going on behind the scenes...

The ArenaEdit

When characters of many different realities within time and space are pulled together to be tested, it is within the Arena in which they are tested. Here, any kind of battle can take place between any kind of participants. Enjoy your time here; you won't remember it once it's over.

List of Inactive RP SettingsEdit

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