Location: Southeast Adrila
Typical for the province: Highly acrobatic hunters and rangers

The Grey Marshes. A vast expanse of festering marshland southeast of Adrila, inhabited by a people who, in a mockery of Adrila City, has built a massive stone city in the swamps, constructed on three levels. Although, without a river flowing through the city, it is very reminiscent of Adrila's lower level. Marshwick is a province that broke off from the Grey Marshes and sought to get included into Adrila instead. Arrendal was well aware that such a province was only a resource drain, and was skeptical to them, but Milena's kindheartedness convinced Arrendal to include them. The result was large amounts of Marshwick's people heading into other Adrilan provinces, seeking to escape the marshlands, thus causing it to be far less of a resource drain than Arrendal expected. Those remaining there serve as scouts, often travelling through the massive trees where possible rather than brave the swamps' murky waters. Because these are so isolated individuals, it is hard to tell where their loyalties lie, but all word from their lord has stated they will defend Adrila with their lives.