Master Galeron


A mostly kind and compassionate man, Galeron is both respected and seen as somewhat of a troublemaker among other nobles in Elthern, thanks to his treatment of his servants. When he sent Vallus and Inesse off to search for relics, he caused a minor uproar, having sent slaves off on an errand of such importance. Galeron fended off the critique with a gentle smile and a reassurance.  He is polite, as well, though naturally so rather than the often fake politeness found amidst Elthern nobles.

Fighting styleEdit

Relies on long-term, powerful magic found in tomes. These are amplified through his staff. In other words, he does not fight directly.

Magic affinityEdit

Although similar in nature to Inesse's, Galeron has a considerably stronger ability to use his, and additionally can use it to display past events he knows about to others. Several others have attempted to replicate the ability through proper spells, but he remains the only one who can do it properly.
Additionally, he is an adept spellcaster, and with the assistance of tomes from Elthern's libraries, he has cast several spells, ranging from, most recently, blood magic, to casting a mighty curse upon another noble in Elthern who had recently killed an innocent slave.

Master of History, Alcius Galeron
OOC Information
Creator Bjorn
Setting The Other Side
IC Information
Age 32
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupation Historian
Residence Elthern City
Height 185 cm