Location: Northeastern Adrila
Typical for the province: Masonry

The Oldgate province, as it's called, is named so after an ancient castle that also serves as regional bastion. The capital is located around it, and it is there that Adrila's finest masons are gathered. Fortresses all over Adrila, and many places outside, were built by the Oldgate masons, though Arrendal now forbids them to work outside the kingdom. Its people are demanding, often asking for resources from all over the kingdom, but in return their castles stand for long, long times. When Arrendal's forces conquered the kingdom, the Oldgate citizens simply barricaded themselves in their castle. It took three months until Arrendal's men managed to starve out the masons, but since then, the Oldgate masons and the Adrilan citizens have worked well together, with the Master Mason remaining in his safe position of power.