A list of common spells in The Other Side, as well as providing a template for those who seek to create more.


The higher the MP of a character casting the spell, the more potent the spell will be. For example, the simple spell Spark, creating a small arc of electricity for a character with 3 MP, will be able to arc out and electrocute several targets for a character with MP 10. Therefore, each spell is described at the power level it is listed under.

Note that characters with each MP listed does not necessarily know all these spells. A character with MP 4 might not know Hover, for instance.

Ambiguously written spells may be used to the caster's advantage.

Spell listEdit

Spell name Required components Avg. cast time Damage type Description Secondary effect
Spark None 1 second Electricity Creates a spark of electricity Causes internal heat; caster is immune
Hover None 2 seconds None Causes target to hover above ground
Twist None 5 seconds Physical Twists target in a spiral Maintaining spell twists target further
Trace Target's blood; runes 20 seconds None Reveals target's location and situation
Curse (basic) Target's blood; any object 10 seconds Variable Causes weakness to object used in the spell
Chill None 2 seconds Cold Lowers temperature around the caster Caster is immune
Quicken None 3 seconds None Speeds up an action May be permanent depending on action
Spell name Required components Avg. cast time Damage type Description Secondary effect
Breathe underwater None 3 seconds None Enables underwater breathing for a time Causes suffocation out of water
Transfer heat Fire 2 seconds Heat Heat from the fire is transferred into target Target may catch fire if it grows hot enough
Alter weather Fire and water 1 minute None Forces desired weather
Fireblast Fire 1 second Fire Fire spreads in a cone from the source
Enhance Object 5 seconds Physical Magic boosts target's muscle output Results in internal injuries