Here is most basic information about The Other Side, things commonly known by characters.


The commonly used currencies in the Old World are copper, silver and gold coins. The exchange rates are as follows:

1 gold: 1000 silver
1 silver: 100 copper

It is so because gold mines are far more rare than silver mines, and silver, unlike gold, is rarely used to decorate other items, such as swords and shields for display purposes.

A regular, simple sword made of average quality steel costs around 200 silvers. A horse, by comparison, costs 500 silvers, and a decent, well trained slave about 1 gold.
Simple food, such as breads and apples, can often be afforded for only some copper coins, and an axe for chopping wood/heads costs 80 silvers.

Focus PointsEdit

The Other Side is filled with magical focus points. People can often describe a strange, unsettling feeling after being near them, but they stabilise the land in a wide area around them, sending magic energy off towards nexus points. People generally consider them good things and perfectly normal.


Most animals you can find in our world can also be found in The Other Side, but there are also variations and entirely new creatures to be found. Most are quite harmless to humans or kept as domestic animals, but others roam the lands, refusing to be tamed and strong enough to support their freedom.


The world is set up around a northern and a southern continent, with a sea separating them. In the Old World, climates vary depending on how far north or south one is, much like in our world. More geographical differences visible on maps.