Location: Western Adrila
Typical for the province: While it is renowned for its bakers, the real income source of Whitemeadow is its grain.

Whitemeadow, lying in the evening shade of Fargate, is a province with several crags and hills. Named so from the mysterious white leaves coming from the western mountains, Whitemeadow can be a beautiful sight during the summer seasons. In between all the crags giving the land its trademark ragged look, people make a living from farming, or guarding the farms from the wilder creatures in the area. When Adrila conquered it, the citizens fought a guerrilla fight against Adrila, led by their king. Their soldiers harassed supply convoys and conducted swift attacks, all of which were more a source of annoyance than a threat to the Adrilan military. When Whitemeadow finally fell, General Sorevel struck down King Theras in a fit of rage. This has not been forgotten by the inhabitants, many of whom still call themselves "Meadowers" rather than Adrilans. It is currently governed by General Sorevel, who is trying to make amends for slaying King Theras while he was unarmed. Its citizens are proud, and hold a grudge for long, and thus Sorevel's rule has often needed to be supported by threats of force.