Location: Southwest Adrila
Typical for the province: River boats

The city Windbridge is a curious one. Long ago, the people of what makes today's Windbridge, in a deal with those of Oldgate, had a massive bridge constructed across Stone River, so named for its ability to take even larger stones with it down its flow. The bridge was built over the course of many, many years, and when it stood completed, Windbridge was founded. The bridge, a hundred meters above the river, makes not only the best route of travel from Whitemeadow to Orbush, it also is the city itself. All along its span, houses have been built, made in the same sturdy stonework as the bridge itself, and even into the bridge's pillars, leading down to an isle in the river, which its center pillar rests upon. There, lumber from Greyvale is taken in, and with this lumber are made the river boats travelling along the many rivers of Adrila. This is Windbridge's greatest source of trading; their boats are sturdy and solid, but with the strong streams of Adrila, not to mention the lumber that flows along the same river as the boats, it is no surprise that the boats are sometimes ruined. The citizens are proud of their boats, and fond of the river, and thus are glad Adrila rules them, letting them dedicate themselves to their boats instead of worrying about surrounding enemies. It is ruled by the descendant of the man who first organized the construction of the great bridge.